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Incredible Toys

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Incredible Toys

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Incredible Toys

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    Game of the Year Reward - Crystal Pixel
    Indie Prize Awards Nominee - Casual Connect

    Get ready for a great adventure in Toy World. Run through enemies and beat them all. Help your toy heroes to survive and discover the Toy World on an epic journey!
    Incredible Toys is an innovative mix of action runner and tower defense strategy with a simple control system. Loose yourself in vastness of the Toy World by discovering lots of new places, enemies and bosses. Face against enemies like toymadillos, voodoo bears, shamans, winged bears and much more! Construct a great team and train your heroes to challenge against unique bosses like 'Daddy Bear' the great warrior of all teddy bears. Be a part of this massive world!

    - With instant lane changing system itís a combination of runner and hero defense genres.
    - 5 different characters with their own abilities and gameplays.
    - Lots of in game quests that increase the fun factor.
    - Characters can be upgraded and items can be bought with in game coins and batteries.
    - User friendly touch controls that can easily be adapted.
      Platform: IOS ANDROID