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We make unique games!

Welcome to the UDO Games!

To define “unique”, we have our own way to create hit games and we’re mastering these methods to advance further in this industry.

Space Heroes

Dive into the ultimate space adventure with ‘Space Heroes,’ an epic RPG where you build and lead a team of legendary heroes. 🚀

Terradome 3D

You land on a strange planet that has no life on. Only your little dome that contains life for you to live. You cannot go outside of it.

Street Life

STREET LIFE: Clicker Merge Adventure! Play, Dance, and Jam with Your Cheeky Monkey! Begging for a LIVING? Not Anymore! Join the Ultimate Street Life Adventure!

Raft Adventure

Grow trees and cut them for wood on your raft. Dive into the water to gather fish. Build and expand your raft.

Dig Adventure

This game contains a very satisfying sandbox digging experience. You will collect soil by digging, drop them into your panning machine and produce valuable materials.

Money Honey

Astronauts, doctors, lawyers, and bankers…Everyone wants to buy you gifts! Catch the right guys and work your way up to become the ultimate money honey! The infamous money pool awaits!