Important Partnership in Turkish Gaming Industry:
TaleWorlds and Udo Games join forces for game publishing!

Following the investment made by TaleWorlds, Udo Games is now officially a mobile game publisher. Further game publishing operations for PC and Console platforms also will begin through a new brand to be created with this strategic partnership.


Turkey’s largest PC game studio, TaleWorlds Entertainment continues its success by adding new ones. The pioneering game company which started its journey in 2005 recently made its entrance into the mobile game industry as a publisher by investing in the experienced mobile game studio Udo Games, which has been operating since 2013.

Udo Games has set the goal of establishing the marketing team, following the previous investment round in 2021. Starting from this recent investment Udo Games will be further proceeding into publishing operations focused on the hybrid-casual game genre. During this first investment in its history, TaleWorlds also bought the shares of VC companies that participated in previous investment round of Udo Games.

The strategic partnership also has another goal to step into PC and Console game publishing. A new brand and program announcement will be made in partnership with TaleWorlds and Udo Games. Further details of the upcoming brand will be announced at a launch event. You can follow the announcements about the launch on TaleWorlds‘ social media accounts.

TaleWorlds CEO Armağan Yavuz commented on this partnership as:

“The game industry in Turkey is developing swiftly, day by day. By supporting Udo Games with the experience we have gained around the world, we aim to bring a user- and developer-friendly publishing model to our country in accordance with ethical publishing principles. I am confident that we will achieve great things together with UDO Games and other young developers on this path.”

Turker Karahan, CEO of Udo Games, also made a statement:

“It is a great opportunity for us to receive investment from and get into partnership with a company such as Taleworlds, which is one of the cornerstones of the Turkish gaming industry. We are very excited to start partnerships with studios that we believe will have a very important place in the industry, as well as to realize our goals in terms of publishing. We will take our years of development experience to a different level at the point of publishing, and we will give all the support we can to the studios with which we will establish publishing partnerships to increase their development capabilities.”

In addition to its publishing activities, Udo Games will continue to undertake the execution of the “Udo Garage” program. Within the scope of the program, Turkish and foreign teams with the goal of becoming a company can benefit from privileges in game development, ranging from mentoring to incorporation, equipment and office support. Reflecting its developer identity to the acceleration program, Udo Games aims to take the developer skills of the teams to the next level.

The comment of Gökhan Güngör, COO of Udo Games given below:

“We are very pleased to announce the motto of this strategic partnership as “Ethical publishing”. We have gained many and diverse experiences throughout our career as a game developer studio and as a mobile game publisher. Current mobile publishing goals and strategies have non-supportive approaches which may divert the studios from success and advancement. At this point, as an experienced developer studio we believe that a supportive publishing model focusing on the development of teams can be established. With the publishing strategy we have created within this perspective, the most important goal of this partnership will be to enable teams to focus on the games they develop and their progression. At the same time, we will continue to ensure that teams find support in all matters they need within our game and product-oriented partnership-building approach that we have already been implementing in the Udo Garage acceleration program. When I think about what we can do for the development of the game industry with this partnership we have made with TaleWorlds, which has always been a pioneer in the Turkish game industry with its success, this partnership excites me even more.”

Taygun Arda Öztürk from TaleWorlds made the following statement about the investment:

“Our ulterior motive is to provide sustainability to indie producers on both mobile and pc/console sides, and we will offer great added value to gamers by bringing together two successful companies and our teams who are masters of their crafts. It is our main goal to grow the dynamics of the game industry exponentially, following the completion of the related procedures of this partnership within the emerging unity and synergy. The opportunity to develop and present holistic building solutions together will bring the rise and innovations in the industry by far. I hope this merger will bring new color and excitement to the gaming industry.”

About TaleWorlds Entertainment:

Founded in 2005 by Armağan Yavuz and his wife İpek Yavuz in Ankara and one of the most important game studios in Turkey, TaleWorlds Entertainment is an independent Turkish game company that develops video games. The Mount&Blade series, developed by the company, managed to sell over 10 million copies and became the most successful production out of Turkey, played and loved by millions of players all over the world. “Mount&Blade 2: Bannerlord”, the latest installment of the Mount&Blade series which PC Gamer has placed among the top 100 games of all time, will soon be released on PC and console platforms with its full version.

About Udo Games:

With its published games, it has reached more than 70 million users to date.

Udo Games, established in Ankara within the body of ODTÜ ATOM in 2013, attracted attention with its action runner and casual games in the tower defense category named “Incredible Toys”, which they published in their first year. “Incredible Toys” won the “Game of the Year” and “Best Game Design of the Year” awards at the “Crystal Pixel Awards” held in Turkey, in addition to the “Casual Connect Europe” and “Game Connection Europe” awards held in Europe the same year. It was nominated in the “Best Mobile Game” category at conferences.

With this momentum, Udo Games has made significant progress in the game industry in the “io” game category, which marked their past years. The game studio exceeded 1 million download threshold in a short time with the first “io” game they developed, “”. Udo Games has reached more than 55 million overall users with all other io titles called “”, “” and “”

Udo Games with successful games in the hyper-casual and hybrid-casual game genres has developed the titles: “Money Honey!”, “Tailor Master 3D”, “Dig Adventure” and “Giant Incoming!” in recent years. It has reached more than 15 million users in total with hyper-casual and hybrid-casual games.

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